We want to bring together all road, trail, and sidewalk users around the state to make an impact on Arkansas.

Founded in 2012, our goal is to lead efforts to create a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly state.  Both cyclists and pedestrians share common problems such as the increasing threat from distracted drivers and a lack of safe infrastructure throughout the state. Bike/Walk Arkansas wants to mitigate these problems through seeking investment by the state in a balanced transportation system.

Goals of the state coalition include building a coalition of organizations, leading the efforts for passage of the majority of bike and pedestrian legislation around the state, providing resources for bicycle safety education, developing more inclusive communities for cycling and walking, promoting bike tourism and travel, and seeking to make bicycling accessible to everyone.

Our 2015 mission is to focus on building out the coalition through inclusion of all cycling and pedestrian organizations around the state.  There is a strong need for more laws and education efforts to increase the cycling and pedestrian friendliness of Arkansas.

We want to cultivate the growth of bicycling and walking by:

  • Helping policymakers shape policies that promote bicycling and walking
  • Advocating for adequate funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and safety education
  • Teaching citizens to be effective bicycle and walking advocates in their communities
  • Training teachers how to instruct students on safe biking and walking skills
  • Promoting a complete streets philosophy through public awareness campaigns and educational materials