Bike/Walk Arkansas Bylaws – adopted by the Board on TBD (PDF)

Bike/Walk Arkansas Governance Policy— adopted by the Board on TBD (PDF)

Bike/Walk Arkansas Articles of Incorporation, TBD (PDF)

2014 Form 990

Below are the minutes from the quarterly Bike/Walk Arkansas Board Meetings. These meetings are open to Bike/Walk Arkansas members. Look for agenda and location information to be posted on the calendar.

The previous meeting minutes will be archived:


Board Committees

Each board committee will have a charter that describes its structure and goals in more detail. Board committees will have the authority of the board in certain areas of focus spelled out in their charter. The following committees are proposed:


Development committee

charter (PDF)

The overall goal will be to work with staff to create and execute a strategic development plan.

  • Identify potential major donors and assist the Executive Director and staff to develop a relationship with them.
  • Assist staff with grant writing, fundraising events, and development materials.
  • Assist in the development of programs that are cash flow positive for the organization.
  • Advise staff on membership development.
  • Assist in implementing membership growth and engagement strategies.


Finance committee

charter (PDF)

The finance committee main priority will be to provide financial oversight to include the following:

  • Work with Executive Director on budgeting.
  • Responsible for filing of organization’s taxes.
  • Responsible for maintaining insurance and ensuring compliance.
  • Will annually review Executive Director compensation.


Governance Committee

charter (PDF)

The governance committe will be tasked with maintaing the organizational charter, bylaws, governance policy and documents of the organization.

  • Take the lead on Executive Director hiring and evaluations (tied to annual goals).
  • Manage a board and member retreat in the summer where annual goals will be developed.
  • Manage board recruitment with Executive Director and suggest candidates for elections.


Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees can be composed of both board members and non board members. As such, Advisory Committees may not exercise the authority of the Board to make decisions on behalf of Bike/Walk Arkansas. Advisory Committees purpose shall be to make recommendations to the Board or the Executive Director. The committees will generally meet quarterly. Voting members of the committee will be appointed by the Executive Director or the board for one-year terms. All members of Bike/Walk Arkansas will be welcome to attend meetings.


Policy Advisory Committee

charter (PDF) 

The Policy Advisory Committee will be task with the following:

  • Responsible for recommending policy positions to Executive Director and Board.
  • Identify contentious items and bring them to the entire board of directors for a vote.
  • Discuss policy issues of interest to Bike/Walk Arkansas and advise the board and staff on positions.