Bike Education in Schools

Bike education in schools will increase the safety of streets, trails, and sidewalks and is far more than an academic overview of bicycling. Students practice traffic maneuvers on bicycles and learn the skills that will make them safer drivers of any vehicle for the rest of their lives.

There are currently multiple bicycle education programs in place around the state:


Bike ED in Fayetteville Public Schools

Bike ED is a comprehensive, hands-on program that started in 2010 in the Fayetteville Public Schools to teach 3rd through 5th grade students how to drive a bicycle. A Safe Routes to School Education grant from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department and a supporting grant from Specialized Bicycles formed the financial backbone of the program. The Bike ED curriculum teaches the rules of the road and how to be visible, predictable, alert and assertive while driving their bicycle just as one would drive a motor vehicle. Even those not yet ready to balance on two wheels are learning the lessons as they fill the volunteer positions on our simulated roadway course.  Read more about the program here. A video was also made about the pilot year of the program.


Trail Time in Bentonville Public Schools

Bentonville Public Schools has perhaps the most comprehensive bicycle physical education program in the nation.  All seventeen schools in the district received a classroom set of high end Trek bikes including one of each teacher.  A manual called “Trail Time” was created to provide a thorough bicycle curriculum to the students.  As part of Trail Time a high school bike shop managed by students was created to maintain the bikes for the school. For more information about Trail Time click here.