Safe Routes to School programs are crucial to influencing the next generation to be active and healthy!

At Bike/Walk Arkansas, one area of focus is on increasing the number of healthy and active children. Through Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs, we can prepare children with the knowledge they need to stay healthy and active by bicycling and walking to school. A few decades ago, half of all children walked or biked to school and today this percentage has dropped to less than 15 percent. A movement is underway to reverse this trend by aiming to promote more biking and walking through increased safety, awareness, and education.

SRTS  programs use the following components to promote more walking and bicycling:

The Five E’s

  • Education – Classroom and outdoor instruction that teach students safe walking and biking skills to use on their way to and from school.
  • Encouragement – Keep participants engaged through events, contests and initiatives that encourage students and parents to walk and bike to school more often.
  • Engineering – Help identify barriers and solve problems in the built environment to make biking and walking easier.
  • Enforcement – Work with law enforcement to improve traffic safety around schools.
  • Evaluation – Measure and monitor progress and success of programs and activities.