5 brand sport bike today’s best

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5 brand sport bike today’s best

Modern style, fashion, quality bike world class, 5 brand sport bike today’s best not to mention bike Galaxy (GLX), car Merida bicycles, Giant bicycle, bicycle Trinx, bike Asama.

Sport bike Galaxy (GLX)

Appears at Vietnam market for several years but is considered as bikes have the best designed in line sport bike, stable quality, the bike can GLX sports dominate the market quickly became one of the sport bike brand today’s best, best selling Vietnam.

GLX sports bike has nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience. GLX production plant of 10,000 square meters wide each year hundreds of employees released 500,000 international standard bicycle. Prior to Vietnam, bicycle GLX has been favored in 40 countries around the world in which most of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

Sport bike Merida

sport bike Merida brand bikes segment high end bicycle priced relatively high

sport bike Merida has presence in over 80 countries around the world, the brand bicycle Radio Taiwan has experienced nearly 50 years of development. Merida bike brand is a world-class bike, brand deserves the best sports bike today.

Many people familiar with the sport bike sport bike reviews Merida designs hidden beauty, fascinated, as sight as seen exquisite designs, trendy, easy to dazzle. Merida bike goes quite smoothly, lightweight, flexible transfer speed, ride brings many interesting comments.

Asama sport bike

sport bike brand Asama is also cycling with 50 years experience manufacturing. Is quite diverse with many different prices to meet the needs of many different ages.

Like Giant, Merida, Asama is brand bicycles originating in Taiwan, one of the sport bike brand’s most popular, best selling Vietnam.

Sports Giant Bicycles

Giant sport bike line is the top of the list of brand sport bike today’s best, most beloved today. Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer Giant, now present in 50 countries around the world.

Currently, Giant bicycle market with fakes, therefore be careful when buying you avoid buying a good quality bike not disproportionate to the amount you spend.

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Sport bike Trinx

bike Trinx originating in China, constitutes bike Trinx also like the kind of sport bike other quality, imported by reputable brands such as Japan, America, Taiwan brands such as Shimano, Maxxis, Kenda, SRAM ….

This year, the top 5 Trinx sport bike brand accounted wave at dealers, shops selling bicycles Vietnam from early summer 2018.

If you intend to buy bikes for summer sports, 5 brand best sports bikes are light, you will buy quality bike bags value for your money.

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