Allez – high quality sports bikes for bikes enthusiasts

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Allez – high quality sports bikes for bikes enthusiasts

Specialized Allez racing bike line is viewed as a versatile all-rounder line not only to join the travel activity each day, work out which also can exercise or semi competition.

With the scintillating design lines, subtle comes the strong tones, the car owner of the secondary aluminum alloy frame extremely sturdy and durable, connected together with Shimano gears, helps Specialized Allez become reliable friend than never off. Specialized Allez racing bike currently has 3 versions, including Specialized Allez Specialized Allez Elite, 2018 and Specialized Allez Comp Sprint SL

Specialized Allez racing bike Mens 2018 with white, yellow, strong black crafted from Super durable A5 aluminium alloys are mainstreamed by Shimano transmission Claris 8 speed. The micro-vu not only by outward appearance that today are serious review by internal performance.

Specialized Allez racing bike Mens transmission property 2018 Shimano Claris 2000, 8-speed, help the city no longer trips with a beam dissipation boring, but rather it is the professionalism more seriously, bring to experience unprecedented speed. Besides, the thread hand Shimano Claris 2000 was also designed to ensure fit with every hand size, alignment of responsive, smooth gently with rubber cushion layer outside for sure, not loose.

Specialized Allez racing bike Mens 2018 owned Body Geometry Toupé saddle parts Sport, bringing more mobility in training, which helps limit fatigue process when sitting thanks to the reduction of pressure on the spine.

The front fork with advanced Carbon materials from Specialized. Help feel the crab-and even better, making the bend becomes soft and flexible than ever. Besides, Carbon material also helps the vehicle weight is not only thorough, but also optimized for sure and sturdy than conventional materials.

Specialized Allez racing bike Mens 2018 owned brake parts made up from Tektro brake, especially when not hurried but instead is the soft power of the hand squeeze under the Republic are feeling more secure than ramming a lot.

Specialized Racing bike Allez Elite 2018
The biggest difference of a Specialized racing bike Allez Elite 2018 compared to the version that is usually whole Allez components of ingredients are more advanced alternative, brings a remarkable experience and completely different.

Specialized racing bike Allez Elite owned 2018 aluminum alloy E5 frame rig Premium Aluminum Super durable, completely new design, helps the car’s weight to 450 g-be viewed is the lightest in the Allez, support for the long bumpy anachronistic more than.

Framework, are Specialized investment research thorough Body section Geometry create a feeling of comfort when sitting. When you navigate to a the Allez, what you buy is not peak parameters, high professional level parts, which is a robust and durable framework. Although the parts, performance of Allez may not using like Tarmac, Venge, Roubaix. But be sure that the design and material quality, durability and frame of Allez match deficit the senior line.

Specialized racing bike Allez Elite 2018 equipped the sturdy front fork, with the carbon material FACT, basic form usually have the front fork carbon or low quality alloys to reduce product lead to a drop in the quality of the experience of the car. But with the race bike Specialized Allez Elite 2018, Specialized used Carbon material front fork, FACT high quality increases steering stability at high speed, bike more silky and reduced car weight, which helps to feel power and good elasticity , maneuvering the car at high speeds and handle these in the bend becomes a lot easier

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Specialized racing bike Allez Elite 2018 equipped Suite 105 STI Shinamo, 11 superior speed from Japan brought to the smoother when to move. In addition to this transmission with high durability and also contribute to reduce vehicle weight.

The car was equipped with brakes Tektro Axis advanced Caliper Eraser feeling smoother, smoothness when used. Ensure safety, sensitivity, no stutters, off the gear for every type of terrain surfaces, especially the rain conditions wet, slippery roads. Moreover, the entire rope detail on the car are Sonic rib enhances aesthetics at the same time improves the car’s aerodynamic properties.

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