Cycling way to reduce diabetes effectively

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Cycling way to reduce diabetes effectively

People with Type 2 diabetes most do not involve insulin therapy but can only have diet exercise with exercise will help improve your balance and manage patients more closely. A basic treatment for diabetes is to maintain a balance diet low in fat does not exclude bread, pasta, potatoes and fruit. The physical activity is an effective treatment because it promotes the consumption of body to help maintain normal blood sugar .Let’s go find out in the article below! 

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1. The diabetes – why should cycling sport? 
2. The note cycling for people with diabetes? 
3. go bike seems to be an interesting trip 
4. Find bike fit
5. Bicycle Maintenance 
6.Chuan what is safe? 
1. The diabetes – why should cycling sport? 
Diabetes management by means of training with the bike -1 
Health better improved while cycling
In fact, there are a number of studies have shown that exercise, proper nutrition can help you control your blood sugar regularly can decline to 40% of cases of diabetes. The continuous physical activity with much research has identified the improved absorption of glucose in the cells increases the number of insulin receptors. Especially in the most suitable sport for people with diabetes has taken the proven cycling is aerobic activity because it includes activities continuously repeated. Bike may have activity against this disease because it can trigger up to 70% muscle mass located in the lower extremities. And not only that, the bike will have to go the advantage of fewer sports injuries.

An extensive study in Denmark, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, involved nearly 25,000 men and 28,000 women aged 50 to 65: Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark (Syddansk Universitet) examined the health status of the cyclists for many years and collected information on their lifestyle, especially on the level of physical activity and nutrition. The purpose of work is to demonstrate that even a simple daily commitment as cycling can help prevent diabetes. A result get clearer when cycling minimize the risk of diagnosed diabetes and make you can ride more risk less with the positive effect is obtained as soon as after 50 year old .

However in order to understand the relationship of diabetes with the bike we need to learn more.

Type 2 diabetes develop insulin resistant when hormone insulin that is less active. This is because the body contains too much fat or fat in the neutral use of the muscle fibers. The muscle fibers have the ability to read how much energy it has at its disposal thanks to a specific enzyme to be able to send a message if it reserves more. If there is fat in fiber, enzymes consider energy to be there and therefore require taking blood sugar from not starting. This does not activate glucose transport. Initially, when faced with this phenomenon, the body can compensate by making more insulin (hormone regulating the amount of sugar in the blood), but in the long run this process fail because the work of the pancreas – where insulin is created – decreased. That is why a light activity such as cycling can be a positive influence to this process, reverse the process: bike burn triglycerides, which are used as fuel in the first, especially if physical activity with lower intensity. This enabled the carrier to reduce glucose and blood sugar.

In short, if a patient with diabetes can measure their blood before and after a good trip, you can feel the difference that blood sugar down. But how much physical activity to some slight though you need to do to see the benefits of this. Point out that do not need to overdo it. On the reduction of blood sugar by moderate exercise is more effective physical activity from cycling 30-60 minutes per day is enough to take advantage of anti-diabetic benefits where two wheel .

A study published in the journal Medicine and Sport showed that bike with a moderate pace for an hour to allow overweight people with diabetes can be reduced by half the amount of sugar in the blood of 24 hours . Even as faster cycling for half an hour can also reduce the level for the whole day but only by 19%. 

2. The note cycling for people with diabetes? 
Biking is a sport can be conducted at the speed depending on your or a set distance

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