High quality sports bike models for professionals

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High quality sports bike models for professionals

With a cyclist professional, then owning a bike race superior fit perfectly with yourself is extremely important, you need a bike race perfectly from master to detail, peace with you that for the majority, so that when sitting in the car and start the bike, you feel like you and the “steed” into one. The senior line racing bike will always accompany the detailed components leading quality.

Along with the process of researching, designing extremely detailed and complex coordination with the technology-art techniques to produce and test strict quality to produce the perfect product worthy one advance product. Naturally that with the implementation of investment and so hard of brands to create products superior race bike, The price of this bike is always a road obstacle for buyers. With an investment of money so large for racing bikes, riders must always weigh carefully the details and elements of the car to make the decision to purchase

Let’s look at the top 5 bike racing form senior 3 manufacturer Specialized, Giant and Cervelo that TRISPORT International has selected criteria better performance, quality design and assembly of the highest standard.

Specialized S-Works Venge DISC DI2 – 2019
If you crave things most certainly speed SWV will exceed your expectations. Was created with the goal of challenging the speed limit S-WORKS VENGE 2019 as “champion” is improved from previous versions. With a road bike, the Specialized aimed at maximum speed optimization by improving aerodynamics.

The design of the details and the overall form S-WORKS VENGE 2019 used the latest technology “FreeFoil Shape Libary” precision per millimeter to determine the shape of the frame carries aerodynamics S-WORKS VENGE for 2019

Although the previous version VENGE rated speed is very good but still not the lightest weight compared with other competitors. S-WORKS VENGE 2019 has solved this challenge, not the spoiler better vias, weight reduction of 460 grams, more detail is reduced 240g weight chassis, 25g weight forks, 107 g head, 25g in saddlepin and 63G other small details.

Neck tube and forks – 2 parts most important factor and certainly against wind resistance. Algorithm FreeFoil Shape Library and design Rider-First Engineered by SPECIALIZED gave S-WORKS VENGE 2019 tube stock and forks S-Works FACT 11r carbon challenge most speed while maintaining the certainty and the ability to handle driving.

Specialized TARMAC MEN SL6 SW DISC DI2 Sagan COLL – 2019
Tarmac has always been one of the outstanding models and is favored by many professional crab-trailers for versatility and good performance in the market is the top racing bike. Among the line of tarmac, the racers are the most popular S-Works is perhaps the tarmac. Of the Specialized tarmac race cars are still grim. But if you are a fan of Specialized, perhaps you may know that the S-Works has always been considered the “supreme” of a specialized vehicle. Basically because when you see the line rather than S-WORKS on a car, you should know that Specialized has detailed the car, optimizing all factors such as weight, frame size, performance. They do everything possible to the S-Works was the best version of this car.

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S-Works tarmac of Specialized is the bike optimal to win a Grand Tour, when you need a bike ready to dominate all international competitions and racing your local with the linear different or beyond itself in the practice session, the S-Works really truly is a great fears with your opponent.

For creation, Specialized software was used to optimize the aerodynamics of advanced synthesis to revolutionize the creation and installation of the new 12R FACT carbon. It is a material and schedule the most advanced from Specialized – shape, installation techniques along the optimized materials help the S-Works tarmac down nearly 200 grams, down 20% by weight of the frame – formulations completed perfect for climbing the hill next time your.

With S-Works tarmac, Specialized began by technological improvements Rider-First Engineered ™ to ensure that the tarmac this new rugged and highly adaptive pavement (Compliance) optimized and tailored to each situation terrain while reducing some weight

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