Repel cancer and heart disease best by cycling

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Repel cancer and heart disease best by cycling

Want to live longer? Reduce the risk of cancer? And heart disease? To be able to work better. Listen to suggestions of scientists 

study the problem sitting bike much can reduce incidence of cancer and heart disease 

research in recent years with 250,000 people working in the UK showed that walking more benefits than to sit on public transport or by car to get to work. 

The team at Glasgow say much cycling will create a habit and it becomes part of their daily work – Unlike the spare time you will go to the gym you Guym.

Years of research show that people who go to work by moving arms and legs will have more active lifestyles and activities more when in the working hours. 

Overall had 2,430 people died of cancer and heart disease caused, in which 3748 people are diagnosed with cancer and 1,110 patients with heart problems. 

However, during the study, the cycling regularly may reduce the risk of death from any cause wool to 41%, the incidence of cancer was reduced by 45% and heart disease is 46 %. 

The cyclists average speed of 30 miles per week, but further they rode the more the health benefits to bring more. 

Stroll lot is also a benefits to prevent heart disease, those who walk more can reach more than 6 miles per week.

Dr Jason Gill, University of Glasgow, said: “This is clear evidence shows that people who commute by bicycle or walking, especially cyclists, are at risk of heart disease low “. 

Why cycling is a healthy choice? 

Does the following years can be changed to help more cyclists? 

“You need to sit to work and less active for several hours. So every day you build the habit of cycling every day you will Secretarial some dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular and cancer ” 

” What we really need to do is change the infrastructure our to help cycle easier – we need the bike lanes, to easily move to their workplace. “

Who combine cycling and the public transport movement during work also shows the benefits of health. 

However, the effect is still there even after statistical adjustments to eliminate the effects of other potential explanations such as smoking, diet or how heavy people. 

However, the effect is still there but need to adjust the daily activities can be harmful to the health of humans, such as smoking, diet or other factors may cause the body becoming increasing weight and harm to human health. 

The bike does not only contribute to reducing the risk of cancer, it also contributed to a more active body and can cause weight loss.

Biking is arguably better than walking and exercise as it can operate in the long term 

research may help shed light on the construction activities in the daily life of you become better and help prevent many diseases more dangerous. 

Just your everyday bike, you do not need to join a gym or run a marathon. 

Anything can make you can work more and do you have heat and shortness of breath, whether cycling or working in a company or some errands in the family, and the things that have contributed section can help you prevent many serious diseases and can help you generate a lot of “different”.

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