Specialized lines of Specialized sports bikes

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Specialized lines of Specialized sports bikes

Specialized – one bicycle brand leading the world with more than 40 years senior experience with advanced technology made of perfection. Specialized talking to can not not mention the bike line up was “storm” in the world of racing and rider from the hands of Peter prince globally.

Until this moment, Specialized has grown to 4 lines from racing bikes the semi-professional to professional, as Allez, Roubaix, tarmac, and Venge. Let’s explore TRISPORT bike synthetic samples from low to high of the Specialized nhé!

The first units were present Allez from the 80s. Specialized Allez is one of the best bikes in the Grand Tour. Today, Specialized Allez always present in the race or chosen by many novice riders or simply those who like to drive road. Reasons why consumers always love Allez can be encapsulated in some keywords, sure, simple, effective, basic, easy to use, easy to buy at a lower price.

So why must buy Allez? The answer is quite easy to understand that instead of spending a lot of money for the detail parts advanced that frame too basic or does not improve, then running for a while, you will reach the limit of the car. Instead of spending most of the money for the senior division, flashy, the Allez is the reverse. When you spend money to buy a Allez, what you buy is not the peak parameters, senior professional division, which is a sure frame and durable. Whether parts, Allez performance may not by units such as tarmac, Venge, Roubaix. But one thing can be sure is to design and material quality, reliability of Allez frame without losing the high-end line of this deficit. Specialized durability will surely accompany you from basic to professional arena.

Specialized Allez bike the 2018 Men with strong red was made from durable aluminum alloy and are incorporated by A5 actuator 8 speed Shimano Claris. The vu does not stop by design that this appearance is evaluated seriously by the performance inside.

Bike the Specialized Allez Men 2018 owns actuator Shimano Claris, making trips in the city are no longer anonymous scattered boring, but rather it is a professional one seriously, brings experience speed outstanding. Besides, the hand threads Shimano Claris 2000 is also designed to ensure fit any hand size, adjust the sensitivity, gently smooth with rubber padding outside to feel sure, not loose.

As well as the bicycle the Specialized Allez Elite 2018, this version possesses parts saddle Body Geometry Toupe Sport, providing mobility than during exercise, helps limit the aches when sitting due to the reduced pressure pressure on the spine.

Fact fork with Carbon Materials from Specialized. Help feeling the crab Tire segment better, making bends becomes soft and flexible than ever. Besides, the material Carbon vehicle weight also helps optimize not only thorough but also solid and rigid than conventional materials.

Bike the Specialized Allez Men 2018 owned ceramic brakes from Tektro, especially when the brakes are not in a rush, but instead is the softness is mixed according to the power of massage of hands, feeling dress better and safer than a lot.

The biggest difference of the Specialized Allez Elite bicycle the 2018 compared to the normal version that’s Allez entire component parts are replaced more advanced, help bring better speed experience.

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Specialized Allez Elite bicycle the 2018 is equipped with motion Shinamo 105 senior STI from Japan brings smoother when to shift. Also this actuator highly durable and also contribute to reducing vehicle weight for absolute.

With the Specialized Allez Elite bicycle in 2018, the saddle is designed as Body Geometry Sport is based on data Toupe Retul and comments from the replacement race leading Grand Tour. The seat gives the bike comfort bike leads to improved performance. The seat is fitted with reinforced steel rails yen through two tubes in order to increase the road surface to reduce vibration from the pelvis and spine cyclists.

If you need a bike race can be on the slopes, boron crab or sprint … but especially for the price extremely affordable, then bike the Specialized Allez DSW SL Sprint Comp 2017 is the answer for you. Other than the usual Allez line. Version Allez DSW Sl Sprint Comp specially Specialized favors shape a bike race more professional, can be used to play semi-professional or professional, Comp is the abbreviation of the Competition, the line used to play .

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