Tarmac SL4 Sport – racing bike for newbies

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Tarmac SL4 Sport – racing bike for newbies

The Tarmac Sport bike line 2018 is proud to be a versatile vehicle from Specialized, a bicycle manufacturer that is familiar with the professional “Crabs” or a long-time “achievement” of cycling. While conquering steep hills, Tarmac SL4 Sport also gives people a comfortable ride like simply cycling around the city to exercise. Belonging to the accessible car, suitable for those who wish to get used to racing bikes, the Tarmac Sport becomes a perfect choice in the price range that apprentices should pay attention to. . Let’s also Trisport discover the features that this product line brings today!

  1. Car chassis
    FACT Carbon technology on the chassis of the Tarmac makes the car sturdy and stable when operating. In addition, it is also a combination of high performance, durability that makes the bike always have the desire to pedal faster and stronger. Strict adherence to the high-end carbon production process makes the frame design more solid, safe and quality-assured. In addition, the car is equipped with a set of carbon FACT shock absorbers that reinforce the head of the car more firmly, increasing the feedback when driving and making it capable of continuously accelerating as well as winning effectively while being High speed bike. The frame also has a much lighter weight compared to other models in the same segment. The car has a completely ribbed cable design with an inline control at the hip and car head, making it easier for users to control the wiring.
  2. The vehicle’s transmission
    A special feature that Tarmac Sport brings to the racing bike is Shimano’s 105-degree medium-range transmission, a well-known company that comes at a reasonable price, easy to use and durable. The car is also equipped with a sleeve and a winner 105 Shimano, the front and rear axles along with the 11-28 set.
  3. Wheel
    Tarmac Sport 2018 is equipped with DT Swiss R460 wheels – a set of wheels is not the lightest yet still brings comfort on many different roads for the driver.
    Besides, Tarmac Sport SL4 also incorporates curvature recording with a length of 420mm and increased pô bearing 80mm diameter to make the movement of the car more flexible and softer when stepping, cycling.
  4. Feel and experience the beginning
    The most prominent in the Tarmac SL4 Sport lies in its sensitivity and good response, because the car is very light and offers quick, smooth movement. However, the weight of the low vehicle will also create some discomfort for the users. The speed of feedback and compatibility on different roads and terrains is the main factor that makes Tarmac SL4 Sport shine, flat roads, little gravel, this racing bike brings to the “Race “A gentle, smooth pedal feeling, fast and smooth acceleration, especially when pedaling on high slopes, hills without gravel, mud. When the hill, rigidity and firmness of the frame will give you a sense of security, the car will not be deflected to cause you to lose your balance while trying to pedal hard to push the car up.

Tarmac SL4 Sport is a racing bike that is suitable for those who want to practice this model, very sporty vehicle design, comfortable curving, strong and sturdy carbon frame. Very responsive feedback and medium range 105 transmission comes from Shimano reputation. It is possible for Tarmac SL4 Sport to be a versatile vehicle, equipped with DT Swiss R460 wheels suitable for many different types of terrain, helping the car to move smoothly and gently, giving the driver a feeling of slightly lifting up. off the ground.

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